Monday, February 27, 2006

Bear and Rabbit

Kali ini aku pingin bikin knit toys; projek ini terinspirasi ama temen MP di Illionis. Akhirnya ketemu juga buku Knit Toys Debbie Bliss dan memutuskan mau bikin Small Rabbit ama Small Bear. Ini projek pertama bikin knit toys. Stitches baru yang dipelajari seperti m1, skpo. Lumayan ga terlalu susah.

Small Rabbit with Sweater

Pake benang pengganti juga. Untuk rabbit pake Lion Brand Wool Ease warna wheat dan knitting needle US#3. Sweaternya pake JoAnn Sensations Angel Hair plus US#10.

Small Bear with Sweater

Benang aslinya diminta pake Rowan DK tapi berhubung ga ada jadi ku ganti pake benang Lion Brand Wool Ease dan knitting needle US#3. Yang penting gaugenya sama. Benang untuk small bear pake warna wood trus untuk sweaternya pake warna butterscotch. Sepatunya warna Seaspray.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Welcome to dpn; it's double pointed needle. I've been wanting to try this method; but so far I just read too much theory how to do those needles. It looks complicated when you saw it; but once you try it's easy and fun to do. The set of dpn is 5 needles; it's shorter than regular knitting needle. Again thanks to my knitter friend. She introduce me a whole new experience with dpn. Finally, I feel like an experience knitter....

I would like to make a pair of legwarmers. Finally, this is the perfect project for dpn, it's a seamless legwarmers. I followed the pattern from The Knit Stitch by Sally Melville. I used Noro Kureyon #95 100% wool. Noro is well known for its beautiful coloration hand dyed yarn.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

This is my first success knitted wrap courtesy of Lion Brand pattern. I said success because normally I never finish things that I much UFO. I followed the pattern, but I changed the fringes by using thicker yarn. I finished it almost two months, on and off project, not too mention I was juggling between my quilting order.

I get bored easily and hop into another new stuff. It's a bad habit... but this time I did it. Thanks to my new fellow knitters, who always motivate me. Recently, me and my friends just created a new knitting club.. a desperate housewife knitter hehehe... We have schedule to meet and bring whatever stuff related to knit once a month.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Finally, I made a wristwarmer from Lion Brand catalogue. It's a free pattern, so I challenge myself to use those bulky yarn. I used straight needle US 11, 1 skein Lion Brand Jiffy Thick & Quick, garter stitch pattern... and voila.. I managed to finish in 1 day. It's super fast project.