Thursday, September 14, 2006

Classic Cable Scarf
Material: Lion Brand Wool Ease 100% acrylic
Pattern: Just Scarves by Lion Brand
Needle: US#5, US#9, cable needle, and stitch marker
Stitches: K, P, inc, dec, and seed stitches
Difficulty: Easy+

Scarves for friends

I made these 2 scarves for my Brazilian girlfriends. They've been in love with my knitted scarves and for these projects they specially choosed their own yarn color. Both materials are acrylic polymiade. I use simple stitches garter stitch which is knits along the way. These kernel type yarns will do the rest. They sure will enjoy the scarves for upcoming chill weather in Seattle.

My other Malaysian friends want me to create exactly the same scarves style and color. For sure they fall in love..... thx ladies....

Charity Scarves

These scarves collection are purposely knitted and crocheted for unfortunate people a.k.a homeless in Seattle. I'm one of the coordinator for this project and those 50 scarves or more will be distributed from September until November 2006.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Reggie the Snake
A birthday present for Lucas, my nephew. He is 9 now....
Also this snake is dedicated for Steve Irwin the "Crocodile Hunter"; who recently died from tragic sting ray attack in Australia. He was one of my animal lover icon; a proudest father of Bindi age of 8 and Bob age of 3, environmentalist, wildlive rescuer. He loves crocodiles, snakes and other endangered species. He was 44. Complete story please klik his zoo, Australian Zoo. He appeared on Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and also movie in theater.

Detail project
Yarn: Red Heart in Bright Green, Red and Black
Needle: Takumi bamboo neddle US #6
Pattern: Toys to Knit by Tracy Chapman
Length: 45 inches (122 cm)
Difficulty: Easy